The infrastructure of the world needs skilled people who can make things work – just ask anyone whose power or heating system doesn’t work. Or a high-tech manufacturing who needs a problem-solving person with a skill set right now to grow a business. And Connecticut as a state known for technical know-how and a free high school tech system that compares to community college offerings in other states. Now the entire system is being looked at to get connected with business resources in the state for a step up.

The Connecticut Technical High School System (CTHSS) Task Force has released a report outlining recommendations designed to improve the system’s role in educating the state’s workforce.

The Task Force was charged by Governor Dannel Malloy and the General Assembly with studying the “finance, management and enrollment of the CTHSS and the merits of transferring operating responsibility” from the state board of education to local entities. It found that the technical school system should continue to be operated by the state in order to maintain quality and statewide standards.A detail of the Connecticut task force report on looking at recommendations for the technical school sys

“We must ensure that all students have the strongest possible foundation – that is how Connecticut will regain competitiveness and strengthen our economy,” said Governor Malloy. “This report is our blueprint for moving forward to make our technical high school system the best in the nation.”

The report makes several recommendations to improve the educational network, including recommendations to improve collaboration by state and private entities to prepare students for the jobs and skills needed, and to make the system more efficient and fiscally accountable.

Other points include development of a strategic plan in conjunction with the departments of labor, economic and community revelopment, higher education, and specific business and industry consortiums; a separate CTHSS board to set standards with a superintendent who would be accountable to a new governing board; benchmark standards against international leaders.

The complete report is available as a PDF.