The Equine Affaire at the Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts, offers more than 230 clinics, seminars, and demonstrations on a wide variety of equestrian sports and horse training, management, health, and business topics every year.

Eugenia Snyder is president and founder of the Ohio-based company which produces three events across the U.S. The first was launched at the Hara Arena Complex in Dayton in 1994. It is now held at the Expo Center in Columbus.

The second event was introduced at the Eastern States Exposition in 1998, and a third was initiated at Fairplex in Pomona, California, in 2001. Since 1994 the professional management staff of Equine Affaire, Inc. has produced 40 highly successful events that have served the horse industry nationwide for more than 15 years.

Participants hail from all 50 states, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. More than 50 breeds of horses are represented by their national breed associations.

Major equestrian sports include barrel racing, reining, cutting, jumping, driving, eventing, and team penning, distance competition, trail, polo, dressage, and sidesaddle.

The roster of presenters will include Monty Roberts; Olympians; WEG, and NFR competitors; popular equestrian TV personalities; authors; course designers; judges; veterinarians; professors, and other top industry professionals.

In other company news, Mary Ellen Hanna has been appointed as trade show and sponsorship manager, a position recently vacated by Terri Sharp. Hanna will manage the company trade show department and coordinate the production of the company’s three annual events in Ohio, Massachusetts, and California. In addition, she will handle marketing the company’s sponsorship program to businesses.